Accelerate The Creation of Immersive Training

VE Studio® is the world’s most proven development platform for creating 3D virtual training solutions and is one of the best custom virtual and augmented reality application development service providers.

Immersive Commercial & Military Training Applications

Create complex and immersive commercial and military training applications with the ability to deploy to a multitude of devices.

VE Studio®’s features enable you to rapidly prototype and scale your training across an enterprise quickly and cost-effectively.

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Virtual Maintenance

Virtual Maintenance Training

Virtual Maintenance

Virtual Operations Training

Virtual Maintenance

Field Service
Mobile Refresher

Virtual Maintenance

Familiarization Training

Virtual Maintenance

Guided Field Services Augmentation

Virtual Maintenance

Safety Training

Develop Training Solutions for Any Device

With VE Studio® software, you can take advantage of the latest developments in augmented reality, virtual reality, desktop, mobile, and cloud technologies.

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VES Prototyping to Full Scale

From Prototyping to Full-Scale Solutions

Build a virtual training prototype in a few hours then scale it to a full production system with thousands of procedures.

The architecture of VE Studio® allows rapid prototyping and iteration. VE Studio® is robust enough to handle the simplest part task trainers and the most complex equipment such as aircraft and weapons systems.

VE Studio® Development Features

Database driven production pipeline

Database-driven production pipeline

VES Feature 3d Models

Use industry standard 3D models

VES Feature Revision Control Support

Revision control support

VES Feature Virtual Environment Framework

Virtual environment framework


Automated requirements analysis

VES Feature Requirements Traceability

Requirements traceability

The Fidelity Matrix

The Fidelity Matrix

The foundation of VE Studio® is a relational database core called the Fidelity Matrix (FM). This user-friendly database contains all requirements, 3D objects, 2D support equipment, environmental properties, behaviors, and constraints.

The automated environment build and regression testing tools draw from the Fidelity Matrix™ to construct and check the final environment.

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VE Studio® Insights

Visual representation of digital analytics and trends.

Virtual Training System Development Tools

As a commercial off-the-shelf solution – VE Studio includes powerful productivity tools and processes needed to deliver any virtual training project you have in mind today or in the future

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Why VE Studio®

VE Studio® provides value at every level, benefiting Program Managers, Software Engineers, and Content Developers.

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Comparing two development teams working on the same project

Team A

Without VE Studio®

This development teams requires more resources, costing projects time and money.


Team B

With VE Studio®

The development team can be small and lean, delivering cost-effective, optimized results.


The Future of Training

VE Studio® Pioneered and Leads the Virtual Maintenance Training Industry

VE Studio® leads because of its proven database architecture, development
processes, and productivity tools, available to customers right out of the box.

VE Studio® combines development workflow best practices with innovative
tools and components that make building complex virtual training applications,
easier, faster, and less expensive.

Publish the APP and Deploy

Message Manager
  • Communicate with all VE Studio runtime applications to keep individual and classroom systems in sync. Third-party tools can also hook into the networking system via a robust API.
Manage Variants
  • Manage the development and deploying variants within the same project and database, reusing as much as possible within a project.
One-Button VR Deployment
  • Create desktop and Virtual Reality solutions simultaneously, reusing the same lesson and 3D content. Switch from one to the other during development through a simple dropdown.
  • Deliver training solutions worldwide in native languages from a singular deployment.
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VES Publish App Deploy
VES Publish App Deploy
VES Publish App Deploy

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