Improve Effectiveness of Maintainer Training

VE Mentor bridges the gap between maintenance efficiency and operational readiness.

Transition from the classroom, to hands-on training.

VE Mentor allows developers to easily transition training content from the classroom to the hands-on experience in augmented reality on Hololens and mobile devices.

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Easily sync hands-on training, back to the classroom.

VE Mentor allows content authored on the flight-line to flow back into the classroom, closing the loop on providing efficient and effective maintenance training.


VE Mentor Integrates the best of VE Studio® and Augmentor

DiSTI, in partnership with Design Interactive, has developed a crossover integration between two best-of-breed products. DiSTI’s VE Studio® classroom training platform and Design Interactive’s Augmentor have been combined to create VE Mentor.



Database Driven

VE Studio® uses a relational database to track inputs from technical manuals, CAD Data, and photographs to produce a highly interactive 3D virtual maintenance training application for use on desktop computers.


VR Procedural Vignettes

VE Studio® also publishes VR procedural vignettes for lessons where an immersive 3D experience improves the level of student understanding and engagement with the content.


VE Mentor expands the publishing capability of VE Studio®, allowing for the seamless transition of the classroom content onto devices ideal for use on or near the actual equipment.

  • Desktop classroom with student and instructor stations.
  • VR procedural vignettes to enhance student immersion and engagement.
  • Relational database correlates all requirements, 3D objects, support equipment, properties, behaviors and constraints.

VE Studio® maximizes Desktop and VR training

  • VR-Headset
  • Desktop

Augmentor is Design Interactive’s hands-on training authoring system platform. Augmentor allows for the spatial placement of task steps and decision points authored by experts on the actual physical hardware.

  • Information placed on/near actual equipment.
  • Task steps and decision points are sequenced and placed spatially.
  • Authoring capability allows experts to create videos, import pictures, embed animated holograms, and leave virtual sticky notes.

Augmentor excels with mobile and AR training

  • Mobile-Devices
  • AR-Headset

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