Future-Proof the User Interface

Currently powering millions of cars on the road today

The world’s leading automotive manufacturers and OEMS rely on DiSTI to future-proof their User
Interfaces and improve their training through DiSTI’s virtual solutions. DiSTI products are currently
powering millions of cars on the road today and helping to train technicians and dealers around the world.

GL Studio® in Automotive

Automotive manufacturers depend on GL Studio®’s award-winning
automotive UI development software.

HMI Development Tool

HMI Development Tool

GL Studio®’s unmatched performance, rapid support, and ability to produce feature-rich, high-quality, 3D embedded user interfaces fire the imagination of designers and excite engineers.

GL Studio® produces the highest quality gauges and controls within the automotive industry through one convenient platform. GL Studio® allows designers and engineers to create cutting-edge digital clusters, HUDs, and IVI solutions with an:

  • 80% faster time to market
  • 60% less Central Processing Unit (CPU) utilization
  • 67% faster target deployment time
  • 500 milliseconds or less UI startup time
  • First to achieve ISO 26262-8:2018 ASIL D
Augmented Reality HUD

Industry Applications

  • Instrument Clusters
  • Driver Information Modules (DIM)
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
  • Heads Up Displays (HUD)
  • Augmented Reality HUDs
  • Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)
  • Highest Quality and Performance Gauges and Controls

The Safety-Critical Automotive Difference

Automotive manufacturers leverage GL Studio® for the automotive industry’s first ISO 26262 ASIL D pre-certified runtimes to integrate out-of-the-box functional safety features in their UI at a minimal investment cost.

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VE Studio® in Automotive

VE Studio® helps train technicians allowing them to troubleshoot and repair
vehicles much faster compared to traditional training methods.

Automotive Virtual Maintenance Training

Virtual Training on a Global Scale

Virtual Reality Training and Development for Automotive is possible with DiSTI’s VE Studio®. Our technology allows companies to train technicians on a scale like never before.

Without the need for a physical model, virtual reality is an ongoing training tool that provides opportunities to learn new skills and to improve the maintenance and diagnostic process.

Automotive Virtual Maintenance Training

Immersive Virtual Training

Leading global automobile manufacturers realize the benefits of immersive virtual training developed with VE Studio® to educate and assess technicians in the field.

The array of service options now available for combustible and electric vehicles is staggering. Many manufacturers are facing the challenge of keeping their technicians proficient in the latest automotive technology.

With VE Studio®, Immersive virtual training helps teach troubleshooting and repairs much faster to improve customer service and improve vehicle reliability.

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