One UI Design, Two Approaches

The DiSTI Corporation’s GL Studio® Mixed-Criticality™ Workflow (US Patent No. 11,003,425) facilitates both Safe and Non-Safe User Interface content in the same design file with a unified development workflow process.

As a C++ code generator and runtime library, the GL Studio® HMI/UI software development tool provides for both Safety-Critical (SC) and Embedded Systems (ES) content in the same design. This is made possible by our Mixed-Criticality™ Workflow.


60 Seconds or Less – Iteration on Target

This process uses GL Studio’s OneTouch Deployment™ to handle the generation, content transfer, and application launch that takes less than 60 seconds to iterate. This feature allows for a very rapid iteration cycle. It lets UI design teams visualize their content on the hardware target without the need for complex programming and gives a common platform for implementation engineers to work seamlessly with UI designers.

  • Faster iteration time
  • Prototype directly on the hardware target
  • Automated partition of SC and ES content
  • Convenient, automated OneTouch Deployment™
  • Workflow source code available for customization throughout the project lifecycle

Why Engineers Prefer GL Studio®

Independent industry studies have proven that the GL Studio® development workflow yields up to 80% faster development time.

GL Studio’s C++ code generation and runtime library method of development boasts up to 10x runtime performance and 60% less central processing unit (CPU) utilization.

GL Studio® application sizes out of the box are already highly optimized, showing just 10% of the application footprint compared to the leading competitor tools.

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