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Our embedded HMI systems design software makes it possible to upscale the user experience with high-quality design and high-performance while simultaneously reducing production costs.

GL Studio® allows you to build endless possibilities

  • Cockpit Instrumentation
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Instructor Operator Stations
  • Head-Up Displays
  • Safety-Critical Avionics
  • Animated Schematics
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment
  • Symbology Overlays
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GLS 4 3 Ratio Img Slider SC ES Diagram
GLS 4 3 Ratio Img Slider Jaguar Dash Detail RH Drive
GLS 4 3 Ratio Img Slider Iterate Under 60


  • OneTouch Deployment
  • Drag and Drop Assets w/ Built In Behaviors
  • Instantly preview and test UI
  • Maintain external asset linkage


  • Access to source code
  • Full control of generated code
  • Develop custom behaviors and features
  • Easily interface to third-party software
GLS 4 3 Ratio Img Slider Aero Instruments
GLS 4 3 Ratio Img Slider C++
GLS 4 3 Ratio Img Slider GLS Skin


  • Code-free UI Designer workflow
  • Reusable package based system
  • Built-in animation system
  • Work with most graphics tools
  • Automatic interfaces from Photoshop


  • Native C++ code
  • Fast application start time
  • Eliminate UI lag
  • Highly efficient and reliable runtime code base

GL Studio MicroTM

For Automotive Micro Controller Units

The robust power, reliability, and agility you have come to expect from GL Studio® functionality tailored to meet the requirements of smaller embedded MCUs.

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Exceed the ever-increasing safety requirements

GL Studio’s® built-in Safety-Critical Code Generator allows for meeting today’s demand. Specially designed for Avionics, Medical, Automotive, and Nuclear.

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safety critical GLstudio

GL Studio® Mixed-CriticalityTM

QM & ASIL content in the Design

Facilitate both Safe and Non-Safe User Interface content in the same design file with a unified development workflow process.

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Mixed Criticality illustration: Circles of varying sizes and colors linked by lines, symbolizing different levels of system importance.

Supported Platforms

See all of the platforms that GL Studio® supports

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supported platforms


UI Development Expansions

GL Studio® offers many UI development expansions. Easily add feature-rich UI displays and controls to your projects.

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arious web development add-ons aiding in website customization

Pre-Built Components

Meet design and application objectives faster

Save time and money by importing pre-built software components directly into your projects.

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pre built components

Virtual Cockpits

Turnkey Solutions For Simulation and Training

Give your project a critical head-start with turnkey virtual cockpits.

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virtual cockpits
GLS Conceptualize
Three-dimensional rendering of a futuristic cityscape at night with glowing neon lights

Conceptualize, Develop, and Deploy

Deliver a full 3D user experience without compromising flexibility and performance.

GL Studio® natively supports numerous file formats, including 3ds Max, Photoshop, and .svg, delivering 100% correlation between concept and reality.

Highly Customizable.
Future Proof.

Create impactful digital user experiences with a flexible and rapid user interface development process.

Performance, flexibility, fidelity, and reliability are the cornerstones of GL Studio®, allowing you to accommodate new requirements and technologies throughout the lifecycle of your product.

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Modular Engineer

Streamlined code base for a more efficient runtime with less CPU utilization.

Advanced 3D graphics and multi-touch gestures.

Native C++ API for UI application development.

Repurpose application code, custom packages and plug-ins across projects.

GL Studio® versus the Competition

  • Faster Time
  • CPU
  • Faster Target
  • Performance
  • 80% faster time to market.
  • 60% less Central Processing Unit (CPU) utilization.
  • 67% faster target deployment time.
  • Ten Times better runtime performance.
  • Start up time
  • Code
  • Cost
  • 500 milliseconds or less UI startup time.
  • First to achieve ISO 26262-8:2018 ASIL D.
  • Highest code reliability.
  • Lower lifetime program costs.
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Avionics 2004
Medical 2004
Rail 2014
Automotive 2015

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