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Pre-Built Virtual Cockpits

Give your project a critical head-start with turnkey virtual cockpits. Whether you’re looking for fixed-wing, rotary, or land vehicle simulation, GL Studio has turnkey solutions to reduce project time and lower development costs.

These pre-built cockpits integrate seamlessly into your software designs with minimal effort. GL Studio users are able to modify as-delivered content for customization that fits your unique needs. Each turnkey cockpit includes the following:

  • Built as a Windows DLL or Linux SO
  • .NET Controls
  • GL Studio Design File*
  • Associated textures and behaviors*
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Immersive Training

GL Studio simulation cockpits provide users with highly-realistic displays in 2D and 3D formats for an immersive training experience. Our virtual cockpits allow users to:

  • Enhance training

Learn both basic and advanced skills through simulation training.

  • Maintain proficiency

Strengthen skills, reduce safety risks, and train effectively.

  • Mitigate risks

Practice scenarios, situations, and emergencies to identify and assess risks.

Library of Cockpits

Below is a short list of GL Studio’s library of pre-built cockpits.

Aircraft Helicopters Maritime
A320 AH-64D LCAC
B737-MAX Bell 412
C-130E/H CH-47D
F/A-18C CH-47F
F/A-18E CH-53
F/A-18F Mk.88A
F-15 OH-58D
F-16 UH-60A/L
T-1A UH-60M
T-45C UH-72A
Hawk Mk 166

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