VE Studio 2022.3

DiSTI Announces Release of VE Studio 2022.3

Thu, January 12, 2023 06:00 AM EST

The DiSTI Corporation, a leading provider of HMI software and virtual training development solutions, announced the availability of VE Studio 2022.3, the company’s industry-leading solution for virtual maintenance training development. VE 2022.3 features improved Virtual Reality (VR) stability, an enhanced VR User Experience (UX), and compatibility with Unity 2021 LTS.

With improvements to the user experience throughout both wired VR and wireless VR build targets, DiSTI leverages the latest technology to empower user productivity for virtual training solution development. With DiSTI’s use of Unity’s OpenXR library for handling headset and controller mappings, developers can seamlessly target a wide range of AR/VR devices. This feature makes switching headset hardware easier, and switching between wired and wireless VR is a smoother experience.

“The team behind VE Studio 2022.3 keeps the customer’s needs in focus. Engineers developed these new features with the best user experience possible in mind,“ said Doug Classe, Program Manager for VE Studio. “Developers can further harness more power of Unity’s game engine capability, leading to greater potential for student learning outcomes.”

This latest update to VE Studio allows developers to use newer features of Unity, allowing for additional and more recent Unity assets in projects. VE Studio 2022.3 is now using a Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) PBR-compliant material library to upgrade the realism of 3D models.VE Studio 2022.3 now offers:

  • Updated Unity to Unity 2021 LTS
  • Replacement of deprecated UNet library with Mirror
  • Several VR UX Improvements
  • Updates to the VE Studio project and VE Studio lesson samples
  • Oculus VR headset testing
  • Refined lighting optimizations
  • Addition of PBR Materials library

Over 90 days, the DiSTI VE Studio engineering team has brought VE Studio 2022.3 to market, including a new 2D menu system for VR builds. The endeavor continues this software company’s commitment to providing a superior software development platform.

Existing VE Studio customers who would like to inquire about updating their current version of VE Studio should contact For individuals seeking to learn more about VE Studio and the solutions provided by DiSTI, please reach out to

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