Go From Prototyping to Development

Forward-thinking software for the commercial market

DiSTI provides transformative professional solutions for the commercial market through
forward-thinking software development solutions designed to empower business
processes through innovation. Our platforms go beyond immersive solutions and provide
companies with a clear path from prototyping to deployment.


Areas of specialization

  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Planning
  • Facility Management
  • Services Training
  • Safety Procedural Compliance

Virtual environments provide a cost-savings solution. One that allows employees to receive hands-on training without the expensive down time and disruptions that come from traditional methods.

End-To-End Industrial Solutions

The experienced DiSTI professional solutions team can develop custom training solutions to fit any need.
Industry leaders, rely on DiSTI to create training and field services solutions for their employees and customers around the globe.

Increase safety in the plant
Reduce downtime and maximize efficiency of plant maintenance
Provide a training system more efficient than traditional methods
Save money and optimize downtimes


GL Studio® for the Industrial Sector

A powerful HMI software tool for the development of industrial
automation, process control, and supervisory monitoring.


Bringing projects from concept to reality

From prototype to production and every step in-between, GL Studio is the HMI software tool of choice for manufacturers looking to develop the highest quality products on the market with rich, high-performance, reliable graphics.


GL Studio allows companies to:

  • Prototype new HMI for device controls
  • Build embedded interactive HMI for device controls
  • Develop simulation and training applications by reusing the same HMI designs from the real devices

Backed by DiSTI’s dedicated engineering support staff, we are here to help customers bring their projects from concept to reality.

VE Studio® for the Industrial Sector

Replicate any real-life vehicle or device to safely teach the procedures
to properly service, repair, and maintain equipment.

Lesson Authoring
Lesson Authoring
Instructor Operator Stations (IOS)
Simulation Engine Integration
Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Create complex training applications with vital components

DiSTI technology offers unprecedented value by enabling non-developers to create complex training applications that include vital components such as lesson authoring, instructor operator stations (IOS) for managing student stations, and seamless integration for simulation engines and intelligent tutoring systems competing solutions leave out.


Training, Operations, and Field Services

  • Virtual Maintenance Training
  • Virtual Operations Training
  • Field Services Mobile Refresher
  • Equipment Familiarization Training
  • Guided Field Service Augmentation
  • Safety Training

Maximize Productivity and Minimize Costs

DiSTI is proud to be leading the next generation of sustainable, adaptive workplaces in manufacturing processes through virtual training development solutions and enhanced user interface development platforms.

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