The Most Immersive and Engaging Solutions on the Market

Simplifying training for instructors and students

Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies are transforming the way companies want to train
and equip their workforce. DiSTI provides companies the tools and solutions to leverage their investments in their content and
reduce the cost of developing and supporting virtual training solutions.

DiSTI is revolutionizing the process of sharing content such as CAD and work in process procedures with our
virtual training development platform, VE Studio®.


GL Studio® for Power and Energy

GL Studio® can be used for embedded digital systems controls and safety-critical controls. GL Studio® is suitable for building simulated control panels for
training and simulation in Level 4 CBT and IMI.


Safety-Critical is at Our Core

The DiSTI Corporation’s GL Studio® provides developers with a flexible, easy-to-use HMI software tool to build cutting-edge digital interactive touchscreen device interface displays.

Robust enough to handle the complexity of all types of plant displays, GL Studio® is capable of NQA-1 / IEC 60880 qualification and cleared for use in Nuclear HMI facilities controls. Designed to meet safety standards and regulatory requirements, DiSTI offers GL Studio®’s source code for testing, validation, and verification.


VE Studio® for Power and Energy

Reduce costs associated with training, eliminate equipment
downtime, while improving student skills and retention.


Transformative Solutions for Virtual Maintenance Training

From rapid prototyping through large-scale enterprise deployment, DiSTI offers complete solutions that enable organizations to create training applications quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Virtual Maintenance Training
  • Virtual Operations Training
  • Field Services Mobile Refresher
  • Equipment Familiarization Training
  • Guided Field Service Augmentation
  • Safety Training

Streamlining Project Workflow

VE Studio® simplifies complex, lengthy training with easy to use grade management portals for instructors and interactive, engaging lessons for students. Perfect for:

  • Maintenance Training
  • Employee Training
  • Brushing Up Technical Skills
  • Muscle-memory Training
  • Simulating High-risk Situations
  • Lower Project Costs and Streamline Time-To-Market

Innovation in Training

DiSTI training deliverables are the most immersive and engaging solutions on the market. Our focus is on innovation in training, and offering innovative solutions for employee and customer training, all while improving project ROI.

Our UI software and virtual training solutions aid developers and designers alike with the pressures of workflow efficiency without compromising in quality, value, flexibility, or performance. We partner with clients to meet demanding delivery deadlines, budget constraints, and stringent application requirements, all while providing them options for customization that are specific to their business.


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