The CH-47F pre-built virtual cockpit is a fully interactive 3D repeater cockpit with zoom in and out capabilities for detailed instrumentation views and MFD displays with active buttons. Warnings Cautions and Advisory (WCA), Engine Instrument/Power Train page, Vertical Situation Display (VSD), Horizontal Situation Display (HSD), and the Fuel page are completely functional for each MFD. Created using GL Studio this cockpit contains 907 accessible GL Studio Class Properties, equipped with the highest level of interactivity, ready for integration into a software program.

Bundle Includes
  • GL Studio design files
  • Any associated textures
  • Any external source code, if necessary
  • A GLS Class Property to set and obtain the value for each active element
  • GlsPlayer (ActiveX Control)
  • Gls.Net control
  • DiSTI RSO (Reuseable Software Object) loader
  • An interface control document defining all available class properties for all classes
  • MSV++ 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 projects
  • An unlocked executable of the cockpit RSO
  • Seamless integration into software designs with minimal effort
  • Reduces costs on production time and money
  • Complete turnkey pre-built virtual cockpit