Siemens Digitalizes Maintenance Training for its Global Workforce

Digitizing Training for a Global Workforce… Sound Easy Enough?
“Our global business is constantly evolving and one of the biggest challenges we face today is the changing demographics of our global field workforce.” – Kevin Carpenter, Director of Global Operations Training NetworkThat quote summarizes a challenge that we consistently hear from our customers. Simple as it sounds, the underlying complexities of addressing the efficient delivery of technical training across a globally distributed, generationally and culturally diverse workforce with modern training tools at a reduced cost is no small task.


Enterprise Training Challenges
Modern technical training is evolving at a breakneck pace – but the difficulty of creating, maintaining and delivering that training remains the same. There is intense demand for more effective training, provided globally at a lower cost to the business. Yesterday’s “death by PowerPoint” is being replaced by immersive virtual training that provides, on-demand asynchronous delivery, that delivers an immersive experience that creates muscle memory and improves employee performance. How will you scale that across the enterprise?

Exciting New Technology
New platforms like VR, AR, mobile devices and AppStream have rocketed to prominence and are the “must-have” technologies that now promise the right results. They allow us to immerse and engage students, to reinforce proper technique, and to improve safety and efficiency. Virtual training saves on equipment wear and tear and enable students to train at their own pace in a safe environment. Late adopters still wonder whether the results justify the means. They ask: ”who is being successful at adopting and leveraging the technology for real business and cost improvements?”

Tangible Results On Training Investment
Here at DiSTI, we’ve been working with Siemens to address the challenge of creating and managing virtualizing training and cross-platform delivery to drive measurable results. For example, we’ve demonstrated a 66% reduction in course length by reducing a 3-day instructor-led course to 9 online hours while improving first-time assessment scores to 93% or better. Student interviews revealed that the self-paced and interactive environment improved their engagement levels among both novice and experienced engineers. We’ve also enabled delivery of that course to thousands of students globally using Amazon AppStream to consume that training anywhere in the world. The baseline training has expanded from a familiarization trainer to a digital twin model of their 8000H gas turbine for virtual training on the desktop, mobile, cloud. The same data set is being used to pilot programs for both VR training and AR field services delivery.

To read about Siemens’ journey, download your copy of the “Siemens Digitalizes Maintenance Training for its Global Workforce” case study, here.