Automotive Functional Safety

Achieving Safety-Critical Rendering with Mali-G78AE, CoreAVI and DiSTI

Wednesday July 14, 2021

In this panel discussion, you will hear about how a safety-critical graphics rendering solution for digital cockpits can be built with the Arm Mali-G78AE GPU and the safety-critical driver stack developed through the Arm-CoreAVI partnership.

We will also be talking about how automotive OEMs can use this solution to deploy functionally safe graphics using DiSTI’s GL Studio.

  • The importance of safety-critical rendering in modern and future digital cockpits
  • The capability needed in the supply chain to meet the demands for rendering rich, high-resolution 3D graphics safely by OEMs
  • How the Mali-G78AE GPU along with DiSTI’s HMI tooling help to create safety-critical graphics rendering solutions for digital cockpits
  • What is the importance of mixed-critical design and how this is supported
Presented By :

Christopher Giordano
VP UX/UI Technology
The DiSTI Corporation

Neil Stroud
Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

Mustafa Ali
Senior Project Manager

Antonio Priore
Director of Functional Safety and Cybersecurity

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