Webinar GL Studio 8.2

Introducing GL Studio 8.2

Thursday October 26, 2023
10:00 am EST

DiSTI’s GL Studio, our premiere embedded HMI systems design software makes it possible to deliver high-quality design and high-performance while simultaneously reducing production costs. This webinar will focus on GL Studio’s new features in the latest update such as:

  • Doxygen documentation for the Desktop runtime library is now fully complete.
  • Pressing space can be used to pan the 3D Canvas in the editor.
  • GlsMimicGroup corners can be manipulated using the 3D Canvas vertex interface.
  • License Dialog has a button that automatically copies all license data (including errors) to the clipboard.
  • AntiAlias feature now supported on most ES platforms.



Presented By :

Branden Griffin and Nathan Giroux
GL Studio Software Engineers
DiSTI Corporation

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