From Detection to Display: Using Safety-Critical Neural Networks in Automotive Applications

Friday May 21, 2021

Augmented vision applications play an essential role in the safety of modern automotive applications. Augmented Reality Heads-Up-Displays (AR HUDs), for example, provide drivers with 3D hazard warnings, 3D points of interest as well as directional information projected to appear integrated with the real-world environment. Neural Networks are state-of-the-art technology for object detection, classification, and tracking. These networks can be trained to efficiently and accurately process data, which then can be displayed in front of a driver. What are the functional safety aspects of neural networks, how do we train them, and how can they be implemented in a safety-critical way? This webinar will discuss the use of AR HUDs and safety-critical neural networks as it relates to the automotive sector.

Presented By :

Christopher Giordano
VP UX/UI Technology
The DiSTI Corporation

Lucas Fryzek
Field Application Engineer

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