Volvo Virtual Training

DiSTI Provides Virtual Training for Volvo Cars

Fri, December 02, 2022 06:00 AM EST

Virtual reality training in the realm of automotive is producing real value for manufacturers across the globe. The DiSTI Corporation provides 3D virtual training solutions and develops Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT) for Volvo Cars.

The array of service options now available for combustion and electric vehicles is staggering. Many manufacturers are facing the challenge of keeping their technicians proficient in the latest automotive technology.

Without the need for a physical model, virtual reality is an ongoing training tool that provides opportunities to learn new skills and improve the maintenance and diagnostic process. DiSTI’s VE Studio, a virtual training development platform, builds immersive virtual training programs designed to educate and assess technicians on:

  • Vehicle troubleshooting
  • EVT (Electric Vehicle Technician) and A-EVT (Advanced-Electric Vehicle Technician) Disassemble & Assembly the high voltage battery
  • De-energizing & Energizing the high-voltage battery
  • Battery inspection
  • IVI Connectivity setup & troubleshooting

The DiSTI Corporation’s VE Studio® enables complex and immersive training applications. The software features allow to rapidly prototype and scale training across an enterprise quickly and cost-effectively.

DiSTI’s 25-year legacy of training solutions now also leverages a complete virtual classroom management system allowing instructors to train students in remote environments. Using DiSTI’s Schoolhouse, a managed virtual training solution, technicians, dealer technicians, and other partners anywhere in the world will now be able to benefit from this cutting-edge training methodology and receive certifications.
Previous studies have shown that training through DiSTI Schoolhouse™ reduced a traditional 3-day instructor-led technical certification course to 9 hours, improving student engagement and knowledge retention rates.

“DiSTI has a proven legacy developing virtual training solutions, especially in the aerospace market. Automotive vehicles have undoubtedly become just as sophisticated as some of the airplanes we’ve built virtual training solutions for,” stated DiSTI CEO John Hayward. “DiSTI is committed to honoring Volvo Cars’ legacy by delivering a premium training experience through intuitive technology for a safer and better experience.”

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