VE Studio 2022.2

DiSTI Announces Major Release Update with VE Studio 2022.2

Wed, October 12, 2022 06:00 AM EST

VE Studio 2022.2The DiSTI Corporation, the global leader in virtual training development, announces the launch of a software update to their flagship development platform, VE Studio. The VE Studio 2022.2 release provides a Universal Render Pipeline update and a new Fidelity Matrix (FM) User Interface Tool. These are in addition to a Message Manager, Training Assistant, and Simulation Engine runtime components integrated into Mobile VR build targets, along with an array of user-requested updates and features.

“VE Studio 2022.2 reflects our continuing innovative efforts to better serve the fast-changing needs of our customers in relation to advancements in technology,” stated VE Studio Program Manager Doug Classe. “Migrating all our runtime components to support Windows Desktop, Wired VR, and Mobile VR was an extensive update. Although the work was significant, our product team has done an outstanding job with this release.”

This latest update to VE Studio has emphasized virtual reality (VR) technology advancements. Both wired and mobile virtual reality now work similarly using the identical prefabricated builds (i.e., prefabs) in VE Studio.

Lessons now only require a single development in VE Studio for deployment to desktop, wired, or wireless virtual reality hardware. This feature gives users the ability to execute desktop lessons on VR hardware. Fully supported in this 2022.2 release are VR hands and laser interactions.

The improvements made to the Fidelity Matrix (FM) user interface tool provide users with a more polished performance. Creating large FM databases, displaying relevant data, and having quick access to upgraded search features is now a more robust endeavor. Customization is the bedrock of VE Studio, and users can now select between light and dark themes, facilitating a better development experience.

The VE Studio 2022.2 update also includes bug fixes to address issues reported by customers. These include:

    • VEMultiState timing values breaking
    • DRDs created from the FM Editor are not properly being generated

As the global leader in virtual training solutions, DiSTI is proud to work hard and continue our commitment to providing a superior software development platform with VE Studio 2022.2

Existing VE Studio customers who would like to inquire about updating their current version of VE Studio, should contact For individuals seeking to learn more about VE Studio and the solutions provided by DiSTI, please reach out to

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