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STARK Learning selects VE Studio for Virtual Training Solutions Development

Mon, April 15, 2019 05:01 AM EST

The DiSTI Corporation, the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions, announces that STARK Learning, headquartered in the Netherlands, is the newest VE Studio Certified Solutions Partner. STARK Learning specializes in creating innovative digital learning solutions for the industrial, energy, and education sectors.

Stark Learning

According to Milan Vogelaar, Managing Director of STARK Learning, “we are experiencing growing demand from enterprise customers wanting to implement virtual and augmented reality technology to improve skills, operational, and maintenance procedural training. To provide scalable solutions that fit our customers’ requirements, we selected VE Studio.”

The initial attraction to VE Studio was the robust feature set and in use by leading Aerospace, Automotive, and Energy companies around the world. After conducting a detailed technical and financial assessment, Stark Learning identified that they could reduce development time significantly while at the same time allowing them to efficiently publish training content across multiple platforms using Unity as the rendering engine. Stark Learning points out that VE Studio enables more efficient and flexible development cycles due to its patented data-driven approach to content creation and management. Reducing cost and development time is a real win-win for their customers and Stark Learning.

Partnering with DiSTI extends STARK Learning’s capabilities to deliver and support scalable learning solutions to industrial, energy, and educational organizations across Europe. The partnership enables both companies to address businesses across the region.

John Cunningham, Chief Revenue Officer of the DiSTI Corporation, cites, “There is growing global demand for virtual and augmented reality solutions and end-users and solutions developers such as STARK Learning are facing challenges when using traditional manual development methodologies. Hand-coded development is time-consuming, not scalable, and expensive. VE Studio’s training development platform approach allows organizations to significantly reduce development costs, use non-software developers to develop content and to scale training across the enterprise on desktop, tablet, VR, and AR technologies. We look forward to working with STARK Learning as our Certified Solutions Partner to address virtual training needs of customers in Europe.”

Virtual training solutions are transforming the power, energy, and industrial sectors. Find out how you can develop your own custom training with VE Studio by contacting

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