Saab Gripen

Saab Selects DiSTI’s VE Studio Platform for Virtual Training Development

Mon, December 03, 2018 05:01 AM EST

The DiSTI Corporation, the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions, announces that Saab, a leading manufacturer of innovative airborne systems has selected VE Studio to build a best-in-class virtual maintenance trainer (VMT) for the company’s Gripen E aircraft.

Saab Gripen

This selection is the result of a multi-year evaluation process where Saab reviewed numerous technology platforms and development methodologies. Saab selected VE Studio on the basis that it will enable them to create and manage immersive virtual training faster than other methods while significantly reducing their development costs.

Mission demands and enemy threats are rapidly evolving, and the Gripen E is designed to keep pace by addressing those needs with the most advanced technological features and upgradability while reducing the customer’s cost of ownership as the airframe is adapted over time. Similarly, Markus Jellinek, Technical Project Manager of Saab explains, “We selected VE Studio for its ability to enable our team to quickly create and make changes to the training material without having to redevelop the software’s codebase or having to expand our existing team. These elements, combined with DiSTI’s flexible licensing model allows us to scale up or down as our program requires, will save us significant delivery time, give us the flexibility to adapt to customer demands, add new features such as virtual and augmented reality, and control our costs even further.”

VE Studio is a commercially available virtual training development platform that uses a proven database-driven approach combined with end-to-end automated tools to simplify and speed the creation of virtual training solutions based on the Unity rendering engine. Leveraging VE Studio, the Gripen E project management team will be able to train their existing staff, many of whom are not software developers, to use the platform for creating the aircraft’s VMT. This provides them complete control of the training content throughout the aircraft’s lifecycle allowing them to rapidly adapt to engineering, equipment, and procedural changes that take place during the initial deployment, through flight trials, into final customer delivery, and beyond.

John Cunningham, DiSTI’s Chief Revenue Officer highlights, “Saab is a long-time customer and currently uses our GL Studio HMI tool for developing virtual instrumentation in simulators. We are pleased that they have also selected VE Studio to develop the new Gripen E virtual maintenance trainer. Saab can now take advantage of that technology and processes to develop their own virtual maintenance training content at a fraction of the time and cost using traditional manual development processes.” Over the past 15 years DiSTI has developed virtual training solutions for leading Aerospace and Defense organizations and through that experience has developed processes and technologies that have been incorporated into VE Studio, a commercial-off-the-shelf virtual training development platform for desktop, mobile, AR and VR applications.

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