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DiSTI Partners with RRC Technology and Innovation

Thu, February 24, 2022 06:11 AM EST

The DiSTI Corporation and RRC Technology and Innovation (formally RRC Robotica Submarina) have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop, promote, and facilitate Advanced Virtual Maintenance and Training applications to the Oil and Gas Subsea market.

RRC Technology

The agreement formalizes a collaboration of both parties spanning back to the first remotely-operated-vehicle (ROV) virtual maintenance training system (VMT) built together over ten years ago.

José Ramos Duarte Junior, Co-Founder, and Director of Technology & Innovation had the following to say about the agreement: “Virtual training and maintenance technology is critical to the Oil and Gas industry’s continued growth within Brazil. This partnership will help train highly skilled personnel faster while lowering training and operational costs. Additionally, carbon footprint reduction is made possible through remote learning/training options aligning with our commitment to the environment.”

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is well-suited for the offshore oil and gas industry, particularly for the virtual maintenance of ROVs and other complex equipment related to the industry. Remotely operated vehicles facilitate the development of oil and gas resources in deeper water. By enabling access to areas that divers could not safely reach, they extended capabilities for handling more complex situations and operations in deeper water.

The partnership between DiSTI and RRC will continue to develop realistic simulations that allow a trainee to make mistakes, sometimes of the life-threatening variety, and experience the outcomes with no serious repercussions. Virtual training solutions can log metrics on the accuracy, time, errors, and completion percentage with the software during training reviewed with the training managers. This approach allows users and trainers to establish pass/fail criteria more accurately. Furthermore, these technologies allow companies to track and trend retention rates performance and identify gaps in the training program.

“We have had the privilege of working with RRC since 2011. We are honored to form a tighter alliance to bring DiSTI’s Virtual Training expertise to the Oil and Gas Subsea markets,” stated John Hayward, CEO of DiSTI.

Virtual training solutions allow companies to address the growing knowledge gap in the Oil and Gas, and Subsea industry. Leveraging new technology will help attract top talent, lower costs improve safety and efficiencies while further growing market share.

Visit our Power & Energy market page to learn more about DiSTI’s extensive experience building custom solutions for this industry. If you’d like to explore your own virtual maintenance training solutions, contact us at sales@disti.com.

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