Reiser Adopts

Reiser Adopts GL Studio for Level D Qualified Flight Training Simulators

Wed, March 03, 2021 08:09 AM EST

Reiser Simulation & Training GmbH used GL Studio in their H145 and H135 Level D qualified Full Flight Simulators, Flight Training Devices, and Avionic Desktop trainers.
Flight Training Simulator

Helicopter flight training is now more realistic, thanks to Reiser Simulation and Training and its use of DiSTI’s GL Studio. Reiser Simulation and Training selected the DiSTI Corporation’s GL Studio HMI software tool to develop the Avionic HMI for their H145 and H135 EASA Level D qualified Full Flight Simulators (FFS), Flight Training Devices, and Avionic Desktop Trainers.

“At Reiser Simulation and Training, our commitment is to produce the highest quality simulation devices available on the market,” said Marko Beutler, Head of Software Design at Reiser Simulation and Training. “ We selected GL Studio because it is an HMI software development tool that excels in flexibility, ease-of-use, and fidelity for avionics and we value that the DiSTI team shares our passion for going above-and-beyond to provide customers products of unmatched quality.”

The two companies have worked closely to ensure a smooth integration of GL Studio as part of their simulation framework. These full-flight simulators provide the highest level of fidelity possible to ensure maximum training efficiency.

Reiser achieved its first qualification according to EASA CS-FSTD(H) Level D in January 2018, from the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) and again from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Norway in August 2018 for their H145 FFS. The newest RST Full Flight Simulator is equipped with an interchangeable H135/H145 cockpit. In addition, the FFS features a Third Crew Member Station, utilizing virtual reality technology to train crew coordination during hook operation simulation. Pilots can bring their own night vision goggles and thus enhance the realism of the mission. The helicopter simulator designed by RST sets new training standards featuring a 240 x 80-degree out-of-the-window view direct projection via high-resolution LED video projectors and an intuitive Instructor Operating Station (IOS).

These qualifications show the level of realism and one-to-one nature of the avionics capabilities built into GL Studio, allowing developers to mirror the real aircraft.

“GL Studio, a world-class HMI Simulation tool for decades, is also a Safety-Critical HMI tool. It is the HMI tool of choice for real avionics flying in-production aircraft, spacecraft, and rotorcraft,” said Christopher Giordano, VP of UX/UI Technology at The DiSTI Corporation. “Reiser’s Level D qualifications on their Full Flight Simulators are a testament to GL Studio’s capabilities in building avionics. It has been fantastic working with Reiser for many years on this effort. We are honored to be part of their framework and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.”

Modern full-flight simulators allow pilots to maintain a high proficiency level by strengthening skills, reducing safety risks while providing a cost-effective way for pilots to practice both routine and rarely-used skills.

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