Aerospace and Defense Professional Solutions

Aerospace and Defense Professional Solutions

DiSTI offers an assortment of Aerospace and Defense professional solutions to help give your projects a critical headstart. Our line of services for both military and commercial customers are designed to help clients improve the effectiveness of skills transfer, increase knowledge retention, and provide experiential training in real-time, data-driven applications.

Our Aerospace and Defense professional solutions in the realm of virtual reality help promote higher engagement through interaction while our software development platform solutions allow for the rapid prototyping of complex avionics displays for seamless integration into training simulators.


Turnkey Virtual Cockpits

Our prebuilt photo-realistic virtual cockpits integrate perfectly into your software designs with minimal effort, saving both production time and money.

From fast jets to twin-engine helicopters DiSTI’s turnkey virtual cockpits are used by military and commercial clients from around the world.

A320 C26 T-6 AH-6
737 F-15 T-38 CH-47
767 F-16 T-X CH-53
P-8 F-18 C-130 OH-58
C27 T1-A UH 72 …and many more

COTS Platform For Virtual Training Solutions

The world’s leading Aerospace and Defense companies rely on DiSTI’s professional solutions to take advantage of the latest developments in augmented reality, virtual reality, desktop and mobile devices. For decades we have been perfecting the process of managing the development of complex virtual training solutions.

A Complete End-To-End Solution for Virtual Trainer Development

When training is mission-critical DiSTI’s virtual training is the solution to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. VE Studio is the global authority used by Aerospace and Defense companies to build scalable training applications for increasing trainees’ efficiency. VE Studio extends the capabilities or unity to deliver a set of productivity tools to create, implement and monitor interactive training scenarios.

  • Virtual Maintenance Training
  • Virtual Operations Training
  • Field Services Mobile Refresher
  • Equipment Familiarization Training
  • Guided Field Service Augmentation
  • Safety Training

The Future of Aerospace and Defense Solutions

Contact DiSTI today to leverage our patented processes to design and deliver solutions for maintainers, operators, and field services teams.