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Tue, August 15, 2023 06:05 AM EST

With the news that CAE is selling its Embedded Graphics (EG) group, many people have reached out to learn how they may upgrade their VAPS programs to DiSTI’s GL Studio. While we recognize that switching software may seem like a daunting endeavor, the good news is that there are numerous benefits in transitioning to GL Studio.

Since 1994, GL Studio’s software development tools allow for the rapid prototyping of complex avionics displays for seamless interaction in training simulators with design life-cycle reusability directly to production aircraft.

Moving your existing VAPS designs to GL Studio is a straight-forward and efficient process. DiSTI’s team of HMI experts will assist you with this transition to GL Studio and you can move forward with confidence with the industry leader in commercial HMI solutions.

Hand coders and expert programmers looking to create importers, exporters, and interpreters, often find checking VAPS XT’s scrambled file format in and out of their revisions control system difficult. The simple streamlined GL Studio .gls file format is an ASCII format, which means the .gls file format can be easily checked in and out of revision control systems like Subversion, GitHub, or Clear Case, and can easily be diffed and merged to accommodate large scale programs developing in parallel.

For those customers for whom Safety-Critical is a must, GL Studio SC was designed in 2004 with a group of Designated Engineering Reps (DERs) from the FAA to be certified to the highest level of functional safety. In 2021, the GL Studio SC runtime libraries started a DO-178C DAL A certification, and the GL Studio SC Code Generator started a DO-330-TQL-1 tool qualification.

GL Studio adheres to the most rigorous coding practices, and its entire software foundation cornerstone is safety and efficiency. GL Studio generated applications are currently flying in over twenty different models of aircraft and spacecraft.
GL Studio enables the real-time creation of interactive 2D and 3D geometry through a WYSIWYG environment, alleviating the need to write cumbersome low-level graphical code. Geometry creation is performed using intuitive tools for drawing, grouping, ordering, importing, and texturing.

With GL Studio, you and your team(s) can accomplish the following:

Create virtual instrumentation to meet your design specifications and application objectives in Simulation & Training or Human Factors engineering utilizing:

  • Rapid virtual prototypes
  • Repeater panels
  • Embedded displays
  • Instructor training aids
  • Instructor operator stations
  • Desktop, part-task, and full-mission trainers

Create cockpit and instrumentation content once and integrate into any number of OpenGL or DirectX scene graphs, including:

  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
  • MAK VR-Vantage / VE-Engage
  • Aechelon pC-Nova
  • Presagis Vega Prime
  • Rockwell Collins EP
  • OpenSceneGraph
  • Genesis RT/RTX
  • Bohemia VBS and Blue IG

Replicate cockpit instrumentation and MFDs at a fraction of the cost of procuring actual flight hardware for:

  • Instrumentation
  • Full motion trainers
  • Flight training devices
  • Reconfigurable cockpit trainers

Create Head-Up Displays and other complex symbology that seamlessly integrates with third-party scene graphs and overlays on the scene.Reproduce complete aircraft cockpit layouts into touchscreen displays enabling lower-cost training.

The GL Studio support team is always available to answer questions and assist. Our mission is to help your program achieve its goals while providing the best service possible. DiSTI’s investment in GL Studio continues to grow as we explore new technologies and pioneer advancements to streamline development and lower costs for customers.

To learn more about GL Studio and how you can begin migrating your programs to the most up-to-date HMI Software tool with a special offer from DiSTI, email or call us at 407-206-3390.

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