Hyundai Kona EV

2018 Hyundai Kona EV uses DiSTI’s GL Studio® User Interface Software

Mon, June 04, 2018 05:01 AM EST

The DiSTI Corporation, the leading provider of graphical user interface development software is delivering its GL Studio® software as the user interface layer for the instrument cluster in the 2018 Hyundai Kona Electric Vehicle (EV).

Hyundai Kona EV

The 2018 Kona EV cluster, designed and built by Hyundai MOBIS, features an advanced instrument cluster in a full digital display that allows users to experience state-of-the-art graphical features and user-defined customization. Being entirely conceived in-house, Hyundai MOBIS used GL Studio® for the creation of the simple and intuitive instrument cluster’s User Interface, which enables the LCD display to respond to both vehicle data and driver inputs to improve the ease of driver usability.

“With the global movement towards EV adoptions, we are excited and honored to be selected as a supplier by Hyundai MOBIS for both this and future digital display user interface development,” said Christopher Giordano, DiSTI’s Vice President of UX/UI Technology. “Our GL Studio technology, coupled with the engineering capability and cutting-edge design from Hyundai MOBIS, further establishes DiSTI’s innovative presence in the automotive industry. GL Studio’s UI Designer Workflow and built-in Safety-Critical capabilities are poised to revolutionize the production lifecycle for vehicle instrumentation.”

For tight timelines, GL Studio®’s built-in support for ISO 26262 Safety-Critical UI development has been pre-certified up to ASIL D to aid in exceeding internal design demands.

DiSTI worked with Hyundai MOBIS to deliver this new platform and after a highly competitive evaluation process that included multiple proofs of concept iterations, Hyundai MOBIS adopted DiSTI’s GL Studio® toolkit for its unmatched runtime engine performance, flexibility, rapid support, and ability to produce feature-rich, high-quality 3D embedded applications.

GL Studio understands the importance of safety-crtical instrument cluster design. Contact our expert automotive user interface team today at

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