HP and DiSTI Join Forces to Reinvent Enterprise Training Using Virtual Reality

Tue, May 15, 2018 05:01 AM EST

To address the growing demand for high-impact, cost-effective virtual reality (VR) training, HP Inc. today announced an alliance with the DiSTI Corporation, a leading global provider of VR and advanced human-machine interface development solutions. The companies will work together to develop unique VR training solutions for enterprise customers, with a specific focus on maintenance and operations training for complex systems such as vehicle, aircraft, and industrial equipment.


VR has become an effective training tool across many industries and it’s expected to grow to an $18 billion market by 20221. VR developers can create and interact with complex simulations, a form of participatory learning that’s more effective than traditional training programs. With HP’s Z VR Backpack, the most powerful wearable PC VR ever created, training becomes more seamless and realistic with an untethered VR experience. VR training has also been shown to positively impact employee recruiting and retention2 for enterprise customers.

“Virtual reality is creating tremendous opportunities for companies to reinvent workflows and unleash innovation. HP has built powerful commercial VR capabilities and we’re excited to work with industry-leading partners like DiSTI to create the immersive experiences of the future,” said Jay Fraser, global head of VR for training, HP Inc. “HP’s versatile and high-powered devices, combined with DiSTI’s VE Studio® development platform, will empower customers to create cost-effective VR training solutions that safely replicate real-world environments and processes in rich detail.”

Starting today, HP and DiSTI will offer end-to-end enterprise virtual training solutions3 – from development to deployment – based on HP’s VR-ready hardware and DiSTI’s VE Studio® Development Platform. Customers can use the VE Studio suite to develop their own virtual training applications or have DiSTI and HP professional services teams assist in designing and building their solutions. HP’s comprehensive hardware portfolio features HP Z Desktop Workstations, including the most powerful workstations on the planet4 – the HP Z8 Workstation; the HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation, and the HP Z VR Backpack, the world’s first professional wearable VR PC5. VE Studio® enables rapid and cost-effective development and creates accurate hands-on experiences while HP hardware seamlessly delivers them via fast processing power and high-fidelity graphics.

“There is tremendous market demand for enterprise-level virtual training solutions that can be rapidly implemented, are cost-effective, and can be developed and managed by internal staff,” said John Cunningham, Chief Revenue Officer of DiSTI. “Many companies have identified the need to implement VR-enabled training but struggle with how to get started and scale due to the lack of internal expertise and the availability of cost-effective solutions. We are excited that HP has made a commitment to virtual training with the establishment of the VR – unit and look forward to this relationship which will accelerate industry adoption of VR Training.”

For over 20 years, DiSTI has developed 3D virtual training solutions for companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Nissan Motors and have developed a patented and proven database-driven development platform called VE Studio which dramatically reduces the time and cost of developing 3D training solutions and allows for reuse of content for delivery to desktop, mobile and virtual reality devices. By integrating VE Studio with HP’s VR-ready products the companies can offer enterprise customers with a cost-effective end-to-end training solution.

To learn more about DiSTI’s virtual training solutions, please contact Sales@Disti.com.

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