GL Studio 8.2

DiSTI Introduces GL Studio 8.2

Tue, October 17, 2023 08:00 AM EST

GL Studio 8.2The DiSTI Corporation, a global leader in HMI software development and solutions, released GL Studio 8.2, the anticipated update to its popular software tool. DiSTI engineers dedicated approximately 18 months to the updated release, which contains a wide variety of awaited quality-of-life improvements and enhancements. GL Studio 8.2 introduces a GUI Testing Framework, reintroduces iOS platform support, adds Best Practice Videos, improves support for 4K monitors, and introduces a new core tutorial for users to gain development tips and insights.

“Our mission is to continue streamlining the development process for our users and empower them with technology that future-proofs their products,” stated Linda Flannery, Engineering Manager for GL Studio. “At DiSTI, we understand the unique needs of our customers including the importance of having a rapid iterative workflow. GL Studio 8.2 also makes it easier to onboard users, to start developing immediately, and to automate testing.”

DiSTI’s award-winning GL Studio software updates allow users to write automated tests against their GL Studio designs, guaranteeing correctness and reliability. To empower users, all Best Practice pages, including each workflow guide section, now contain in-depth companion training videos covering various GL Studio concepts.

GL Studio 8.2 reintroduces iOS platform support, after macOS support was introduced in GL Studio 8.0. MacOS users can deploy GL Studio content to iOS using the iOS Deployment. The iOS platform support is now available as a One Touch™ deployment when running the editor on macOS. This updated iOS support allows automotive customers to develop content for both Android and iOS targets in vehicles.

The revamped GUI Testing Framework provides a new feature in the editor to write automated tests against GL Studio applications, allowing for simulated mouse/keyboard input, screenshot capture/comparison at each design iteration step. Compatible with all Desktop and ES deployments, it can drive tests over the network, allowing testing for GL Studio applications running on embedded targets. This new approach allows for automated regression testing of GL Studio content running in a trainer or simulator.

Improvements to existing features in GL Studio 8.2 are as follows:

  • Doxygen documentation for the Desktop runtime library is now fully complete.
  • Pressing space can be used to pan the 3D Canvas in the editor.
  • GlsMimicGroup corners can be manipulated using the 3D Canvas vertex interface.
  • License Dialog has a button that automatically copies all license data (including errors) to the clipboard.
  • AntiAlias feature now supported on most ES platforms.

This release also includes bug fixes, such as:

  •  GlsMimicGroup polygon updates correctly when its location changes.
  • GlsTextGrid per character attributes work correctly in ES.
  • Fixes for FON bitmap font files not loading in the editor.
  • Fix for license requests from Linux and macOS machines to newer FlexNet Embedded servers.
  • Fixes for various crashes in the runtime and editor.
  • Fix for GlsAdvancedMesh rendering performance.

Customers under current maintenance and support contracts for GL Studio can log into DiSTI’s customer support portal to download the latest version. For more information on GL Studio, contact us at

Visit our GL Studio page to learn more about our safety-critical expertise and the cutting-edge HMI software developed by The DiSTI Corporation.

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