DiSTI Schoolhouse™ – Training That Never Stops

DiSTI Schoolhouse™
A Cloud-Based Training Solution

Across the world, the global pandemic of COVID-19 and unforeseen events are prompting organizations to examine the way they conduct training. Remote training provides organizations the power to train and certify staff regardless of location, lower training costs, improve overall efficacy, and provide access to online training materials.

For these reasons, The DiSTI Corporation is proud to offer our web-based 3D virtual training delivery platform called DiSTI Schoolhouse™.

With deployments in the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Industrial, and Medical industries, DiSTI Schoolhouse™ enables virtual training with real-time 3D rendering through a standard internet browser. This approach reduces the need for locally installed applications. DiSTI Schoolhouse™ uses an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) capability. This method allows graphically intensive interactive 3D applications to interactively stream to computers that do not contain high-end graphics rendering hardware.

Companies such as Siemens Energy and global automotive manufacturers currently use this technology to deliver 3D virtual training applications to provide cost-effective training to their employees. Nissan Motors Japan deployed a DiSTI developed dealer certification solution to enable the annual certification of Nissan’s dealer technicians.

While the possibilities for implementation are boundless, the benefits continue to emerge. One client experienced a 66% decrease in training delivery time from a single course. Training through DiSTI Schoolhouse™ reduced a traditional 3-day instructor-led technical certification course to 9 hours, while also improving student engagement and knowledge retention rates.

DiSTI Schoolhouse™ Benefits

Cloud Virtual Training

DiSTI Schoolhouse™ allows organizations the freedom to build tailored training, utilize the LMS of their choice, and deploy it quickly and to scale. DiSTI recommends using this approach for the following reasons:

  • Users can access the application from any computer with a broadband internet connection and a modern (HTML 5 compliant) web browser running the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, on desktop devices, including Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and Linux PCs.
  • Alleviates the need for customers/users to have high-end gaming computers to use their 3D training applications.
  • Enables a rapid and instantly scalable global rollout of the training content.
  • Cloud-based delivery ensures that any time the user accesses the 3D training application they are running the most current version of the application.
  • No local software installation required. After exiting the service, no proprietary information resides on the user’s system.

Take Your Training Further With DiSTI Schoolhouse™

Cloud Virtual Training
Right now, companies are looking at decentralized training platforms as a way to reach employees regardless of their location. Corporate Learning Officers (CLOs) and their Learning and Development (L&D) teams want quality training delivered to their organizations. With the DiSTI Schoolhouse™ delivery system, our team of developers works closely to assist companies with building their training solutions as well as implementing their training programs. While DiSTI hosts the content, our innovative solution allows customers to retain ownership of their training materials and brand it in their voice.

As this global health crisis has brought to light, companies need to begin looking to the future for practical virtual training solutions that can alleviate workplace disruptions. DiSTI Schoolhouse™ can deliver that capability today.

If you would like to learn more about DiSTI Schoolhouse™, and how virtual training solutions can enhance the productivity of your organization, download an overview and contact us today at Sales@DiSTI.com