The DiSTI Corporation Enjoys Record-Breaking Year

The Orlando-based Simulation and Training Company Experiences Growth Due to Strategic Reorganization

Amid an industry impacted by a global pandemic, The DiSTI Corporation, the world’s leading provider of HMI software and virtual maintenance training solutions, has found success in the 2nd half of 2020. The Orlando-based simulation and training company has enjoyed a record-breaking year (200%+ growth in new orders) thanks to its loyal customers and the introduction of several new product developments.

Anchored by a series of awards from the U.S. Army for its Family of Maintenance Trainers (FMT) program and several significant awards as a subcontractor, the company has seen its defense business continue to grow. Guided by new CEO John Hayward, who joined the company in June, DiSTI has benefitted from its focused commercial development work and sales strategy for both its GL Studio® and VE Studio® product lines.

“We continue to focus on growth in the training domain, but are finding some exciting opportunities in the industrial and automotive segments for our technology,” cites Hayward. “Our business is people, and we are focusing on hiring the best people, giving them challenging assignments, and promoting employees from within to build a sustainable and growing organization. Companies are now seeing the massive benefits that virtual training and the cost-savings of our HMI software tools can provide.”

The company has released several new features and products this past year that have helped customers navigate the challenging times. These include:

  • GL Studio® 7.1 – an updated release of its GL Studio HMI Software development tool.
  • GL Studio® Micro™ – an HMI tool specialized for Automotive Micro Controller Units (MCUs) built upon GL Studio’s Safety-Critical foundation.
  • GL Studio® Mixed-Criticality™– allows the development QM and ASIL content in the same GL Studio Design.
  • DiSTI Schoolhouse™ – a web-based 3D virtual training delivery platform.
  • VE Mentor – a cutting-edge mixed-reality training solution

With worldwide customers and partners in Aviation, Automotive, Industrial, Electronics, Power and Energy, and the Defense sectors, DiSTI has seen first-hand the positive impact that its remote training solutions can provide for organizations. Businesses are looking at decentralized training platforms as a way to reach employees regardless of their location.

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