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Aerospace Leader Scaled Composites Adopts GL Studio

Wed, April 13, 2022 08:16 AM EST

GL Studio HMIThe DiSTI Corporation, a leading provider of graphical user interface development software and solutions to the aerospace industry, announces the selection of its GL Studio® software by California-based Scaled Composites, LLC after a competitive evaluation of HMI development tools.|

The company chose GL Studio® for its unique ability to support prototyping, training, and the embedded target within a single HMI toolkit. The specialty aerospace and composites development company will use GL Studio’s HMI software tools for research and development projects and within programs focused on HMI display prototyping.

“GL Studio was a key success factor in our avionics development program for our rocket planes,” said Bob Withrow, Vice President of Scaled Composites. Scaled Composites has experience using GL Studio to layout and design avionics displays, improving the display of information with GL Studio generated code to create more capable HMI’s supporting complex flight tests.

Building on this experience, Scaled Composites is looking forward to developing more refined tools for use during flight tests: enabling high accuracy vehicle maneuvering, responsive indicators, and updating current aircraft systems with simpler and easier to maintain solutions via GL Studio®. With a portfolio of unique one-off aircraft, each of Scaled Composites’ vehicles contain a custom avionics solution – GL Studio® will provide the ease and flexibility to develop custom configurations and flight test data for future work.

Scaled Composites will leverage the flexibility and ease of use of GL Studio® to build HMI displays specialized for the unique needs of this industry. Unlike typical avionics displays, spaceflight platforms must be ruggedized and built to endure the extreme conditions in space between radiation and temperature fluctuations. The ability to address the complete lifecycle needs, from prototyping to production, showcases the unique reusability and efficiency offered by GL Studio® development software.

“It’s great to see Scaled Composites once again taking full advantage of GL Studio’s time-saving and innovative development benefits,” said Christopher Giordano, Vice President of UX/UI Technology at The DiSTI Corporation. “Their first GL Studio project, building prototype displays for the follow on to SpaceShipOne took a fraction of the time. The ability to get to market faster saves time and money, which is critical for these complex flight test endeavors.”

As the world’s leading provider of HMI development solutions, GL Studio® is utilized for a wide array of space programs, including simulation and training, rapid prototyping, spacecraft avionics, next-generation spacesuits, and ground telemetry stations.

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