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DiSTI Announces Strategic Alliance With VTR

Fri, December 02, 2022 06:00 AM EST

DiSTI VTRThe DiSTI Corporation has just formed a strategic alliance with commercial pilot training pioneers Visionary Training Resources to deliver integrated, end-to-end virtual reality pilot training solutions to their joint enterprise and government customers. The DiSTI Corporation is globally recognized as a world leader in virtual training development solutions, with more than 1000 projects successfully delivered worldwide.

The alliance combines DiSTI’s award-winning virtual training development solutions and Visionary Training Resources’ platform capabilities. Working in conjunction, these two companies will deliver technologically advanced solutions designed to help customers simplify complex pilot training procedures. While increasing student throughput and learning outcomes.

The solution will improve student throughput and learning outcomes while reducing training costs. This approach allows customers to realize the full value of their pilot training initiatives.

“DiSTI’s collaboration on FlightDeckToGo has allowed VTR to develop a best-in-class product,” said VTR COO Jeff Pierce. “Today’s agreement strengthens our commitment to making virtual reality an essential piece of commercial pilot training.”

This strategic alliance agreement follows several successful endeavors between DiSTI and VTR for the innovative FlightDeckToGo solution that allows pilots to train using virtual reality technology from anywhere. The VR-focused solution creates a detailed digital twin of each aircraft’s flight deck. This method enables pilots to interact with switches, dials, and levers to build muscle memory before entering more costly simulator training. Additionally, the solution is entirely portable, deploying on mobile VR headsets like the Pico NEO Pro Eye.

In addition to tracking all virtual interactions, this solution utilizes the eye-tracking technology provided by the VR headset to track visual inspection tasks performed by the student automatically. Students can integrate into any learning management system (LMS) via DiSTI’s Schoolhouse software and train from anywhere. Collection of their recorded results and tracked achievements are saved for future review at their respective training entities.

“Effective digital training demands highly coordinated, strategic, and experienced solutions to realize success,” stated John Hayward, CEO of DiSTI. “Together, DiSTI and VTR will assist clients in achieving their goals of virtual pilot training while building transformational solutions that utilize the most advanced technology possible.”

DiSTI and VTR alliance aim to reduce airlines’ unpredictable availability and costs surrounding training by providing highly standardized pilot training and better preparing pilots for simulator training.

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