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Virtual Training Solutions

DiSTI’s Proven Development Software

VE Studio® is the world’s most proven development platform for creating 3D virtual training solutions and is one of the best custom virtual and augmented reality application development service providers.

Why Choose DiSTI’s Virtual Training Solutions

Develop Virtual Training Solutions for Any Device

With VE Studio® software, you can take advantage of the latest developments in augmented reality, virtual reality, desktop, mobile, and cloud technologies.

From Prototyping to Full-Scale Solutions

The architecture of VE Studio® allows rapid prototyping and iteration. VE Studio® is robust enough to handle the simplest part task trainers and the most complex equipment such as aircraft and weapons systems.

Build Scalable Immersive Training Applications

Create complex and immersive training applications with the ability to deploy to a multitude of devices.VE Studio®’s features enable you to rapidly prototype and scale your training across an enterprise quickly and cost-effectively.

Powerful Virtual Training System Development Tools

As a commercial off-the-shelf solution – VE Studio includes powerful productivity tools and processes needed to deliver any virtual training project you have in mind today or in the future.


DiSTI’s Virtual Training Solutions in Practice

Deliver Virtual Training Solutions from the Cloud
A Managed Virtual Training Solution by DiSTI

DiSTI Schoolhouse™ is an application streaming service optimized for graphically intensive 3D applications

DiSTI SchoolhouseTM Benefits

Host nearly any training content
Utilize the LMS of your choice
Deploy it quickly and to scale
66% Decrease incourse delivery time
From 3 daysto 9 hours
Use any modern web browser
Freedom to use your own computer
Rapid and scalable global rollout
Application is always kept up-to-date
Cloud-streamed content leaves no application data on the device.

Additional features

  • Alleviates the need for customers/users to have high-end gaming computers to use their 3D training applications.
  • Enables a rapid and instantly scalable global rollout of the training content.
  • Cloud-based delivery ensures that any time the user accesses the 3D training application they are running the most current version of the application.
  • No local software installation required. After exiting the service, no proprietary information resides on the user’s system.
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