VE Studio 2019.2 Commercial Release Now Available

The newest release enhances project development startup times, improves the student’s learning experience with onscreen procedural steps and provides better license key management.

Orlando, FL (April 23, 2019) – The DiSTI Corporation, the world’s leading provider of virtual maintenance training solutions, announces that VE Studio release 2019.2 is now commercially available to customers and partners. For over a decade, VE Studio has been used to develop best-in-class 3D virtual trainers around the world for customers spanning the aerospace & defense, energy, automotive and industrial manufacturing markets. This release adds new features that accelerate project development, improves the students’ training experience delivered over the web and improves license management messaging.

Independent studies on virtual training effectiveness, such as one conducted by Intel Corporation*, reinforce that students learn best by doing; with a courseware learning retention rate of 75% or higher. To maximize ROI on immersive training content development, training developers select the VE Studio virtual training development platform for building and managing their desktop, VR and AR training content. With it, organizations create training faster and more efficiently than traditional hand-coding using the Unity rendering engine alone. Leveraging VE Studio demonstrably shortens the development cycle and saves costs by reducing the number of developers required to work on a project; enabling customers to publish more training content faster, manage workflow more efficiently, with fewer developers.

“VE Studio 2019.2 is a solid dot release focused on improving developer and student experiences. We’ve simplified new project setup for developers, which shortens development time and lowers project costs. We’ve streamlined navigation and in-scene object interaction for students, which eliminates distractions and creates a more natural immersion that accelerates adoption and improves training efficiency,” cites Chris Harden, VP of Engineering for DiSTI.

The new single-screen student experience embeds lesson steps within the virtual environment and eliminates the need to hot-tab between screens; dramatically improving web-hosted training delivered to students running on laptops or remote locations around the globe. Isolate Objects, a feature available on the VE Studio desktop run-times, has been added; giving students the capability to isolate objects in VR – providing a more immersive interaction with components on the models. Providing students the ability to reset their virtual environment, select from multiple lessons, ask for hints, or run free-play mode from within the VE. These additions help with better navigation and adjust to the student’s pace of learning without needing an instructor’s intervention or having to exit and restart the class.

VE Studio’s newest feature, the Project Initialization Wizard, creates a clever frontend that simplifies the scripts required to kick off a new Unity project; based on the developer’s selection of simple choices, the wizard immediately gathers the assets and puts them into desktop or VR development mode – saving time and reducing complexity for new users. Other key features for the developers include an improved natural language with Live Lesson Authoring making recorded actions easier to read and create. The updated license manager alerts users when their license is due to expire to prevent disruption of use.VE Studio 2019.2 is commercially available on both perpetual or subscription-based licensing models. For more details, please contact

Intel White Paper “Using Virtual Reality as an Effective Corporate Training Tool”

About DiSTI Corporation

The DiSTI Corporation is the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions and graphical user interface software. DiSTI’s VE Studio is the world’s leading virtual training development platform for managing the creation of complex 3D virtual environments for use on desktop, mobile, and virtual and mixed reality training applications. VE Studio manages the entire development process including requirements analysis, content development, and automated software builds and regression testing.

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