DiSTI Leader Mentors at Boeing

DiSTI’s VP of Engineering, Chris Harden, recently had the opportunity to meet with a stellar set of interns in Boeing’s Student Career Development program at their headquarters in St. Louis. In its second year, the program is a paid summer experience for high school and college students designed to allow students the opportunity to work with engineers and get hands-on experiential learning.

Immersive learning experiences and mentoring were developed to inspire the next generation of leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The students use Boeing resources, including a 3-D additive manufacturing lab, the drone lab, and the Boeing Makerspace, a site set up to facilitate learning through virtual reality and flight simulation.


Mentoring Future Leaders

The Student Career Development Program started as a pilot program last year and provided a paid summer experience for 11 high school and one college student to work on an unmanned air vehicle under the leadership of Boeing Research and Technology and Education Relations. The program was designed to allow students the opportunity to work with Boeing engineers and get hands-on experiential learning.

Chris Harden, a twenty-year software veteran with a wide variety of software management experience and consulting methodologies, is an integral part of the DiSTI Corporations innovation and operations development. As a company, we continually rely on his expertise and insights to develop our products, as well as mentor and grow our own highly-valued internal team of programmers and software engineers.

Of his experience mentoring students in Boeing’s Student Career Development program, Chris had this to say:

“This group of extremely talented high school and college students is the second class in Boeing’s program. We discussed the students’ projects, where they are exploring a variety of Software Engineering topics, including Unity development, AR/VR, embedded development with Raspberry PIs, and User Interface development.

The team is organized very much like a senior project in college, and in many respects was working with advanced topics that senior-level college students would be exposed to during their educational training.  I was invited to introduce them to DiSTI and discuss some of the projects we’re working on with Boeing, share my personal career history with them, and learn about their end goals and schedule for this challenging program.

I was also treated to a tour of the Boeing Prologue Room, which is a museum that captures a large part of our nation’s aviation and space history with Boeing, McDonald Douglas, and others.  I enjoyed every minute of the visit.  Here’s a huge thank you from DiSTI to Boeing for letting us be a small part of this terrific program.”

DiSTI Innovation

For over twenty-five years DiSTI has been the leading provider of both turn-key and customized HMI software and 3D virtual maintenance training solutions in an array of markets, specifically aerospace, and we have enjoyed an extensive working relationship with the Boeing company. We were honored to be invited to participate in this extraordinary program and look forward to seeing the future these young men and women create.