CIO Review Recognizes DiSTI as a Top 20 Most Promising Automotive Technology Solution Provider

The DiSTI Corporation: Redefining Brand Identity for Automotives

Orlando, FL (September 26, 2017) –The DiSTI Corporation, the industry leader in graphical user interface software, is recognized by CIO Review as one of the twenty most promising automotive technology solution providers for 2017. The editors recognize companies that are at the leading edge of enabling automotive transformation, helping auto manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to leverage the digital trend. In this review, CIO Review considered DiSTI’s ability in designing and building advanced automotive solutions that cater to the needs of the auto manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.

“For over 20 years, the world’s leading Aerospace companies such as NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Airbus have trusted DiSTI, and UI development tool GL Studio, to address the exact same issues and we are now working with automotive OEMs to give them a competitive advantage,” says DiSTI Vice President of Automotive Christopher Giordano. “We’re very pleased to have CIO Review recognize that our solutions allows OEMs to redefine the driver experience and drive brand loyalty.”

The special October 2017 issue is shipping now and you can read the full article on the CIO Review website.