DiSTI’s GL Studio Selected for

Renesas R-Car H3 SoC

Renesas has selected DiSTI’s GL Studio for use in a comprehensive demonstrator for their new 3rd generation R-Car automotive computing platform

Orlando, FL (January 5, 2016) – The DiSTI Corporation, a leading provider of graphical user interface development software to the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries announces the use of its GL Studio® software for the multi-headed demonstration of the new Renesas R-Car H3 SoC, system on a chip.

The R-Car H3 is the first member of Renesas’ third-generation R-Car automotive computing platform. DiSTI will show high fidelity GL Studio-based instruments on the new Renesas R-Car H3 hardware. The R-Car family provides connected multimedia systems and infotainment systems. Renesas offers a turnkey software package with a wide range of solutions for image processing, audio/video applications and 2D/3D graphics. The demonstrator will be showcased at the DiSTI UI Experience suite as well as the Renesas suite during the 2016 CES show in Las Vegas.

“The new R-Car H3 is an impressive piece of hardware for automotive systems,” said Christopher Giordano, Vice President of Automotive Division at The DiSTI Corporation. “DiSTI is honoured to have GL Studio selected by Renesas as the visual front end to demonstrate their next generation SoC.”

“Through collaboration with DiSTI, we can help accelerate the delivery of innovative graphical experience to be created by combining Renesas’ cutting-edge SoCs with DiSTI’s excellent graphical development software,” said Mr. Masayasu Yoshida, Senior Manager, Automotive Information Strategy Department, Automotive Information System Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation.

DiSTI worked with industry leaders like MOBICA to develop the demonstrator for Renesas which highlights both the hardware and software capabilities of the SoC. The demonstrator seamlessly handles high performance graphics across multiple displays.

For more information on DiSTI, visit www.disti.com.